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Abnormal Pain! HELP.

I'm due March 15 so im 26 weeks as of right now... but I've been having some pain "down stairs" like if i ripped myself or if im stretching down there and its pretty painful. I feel like im constantly reopening a scab but theres nothing there? No bumps, no cuts,... nothing. I also have pain in my lower back like my tailbone area and its really painful when I stand up or readjust myself. It only hurts during the process of standing up and the first few steps afterwards and then it goes away :smileysad: help! I'm really worried and would like to know if any other soon-to-be mothers are experiencing the same pain or have an idea of what it is. 

I'm 18 and this is my first baby so I could be over reactiing it would be nice to know i have nothing to worry about but this pain is driving me crazy and I know it'll only get worse as my baby gets bigger!