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Re: gender

We had our Anatomy ultrasound yesterday and I did not want to find out the sex.


I didnt know with our first(Girl), but Hubby had to know with second. So he was supposed to find out, not me. Well, the technician wrote 'It's A Girl' on one of the pics for him to know the sex...She then scrolled through all the pics at the end to make sure she had everything and I saw the pic with description on it....I was furious! He spoiled my surprise. All because he's a guy and wants a boy, not another girl lol.


So this time(which should be our last baby)I said there is NO WAY he is finding out. Not taking any chances haha. So we will be finding out when this one pops into the world next year!


Anyone else agree it's funnier not knowing? There are so few real surprises left in life

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