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Re: Weight...

I have been doing well with making sure to make good food choices. It has been pretty easy with that since my husband and I were already healthy eaters before my pregnancy. The issue I was having before in my first trimester was that only carbs and meat kept my tummy happy. I am finally able to eat veggies again! Yay! The sight or smell before made my tummy churn! As of now, I have only gained 10 pounds fro my pre-pregnancy weight. My OB said to not gain anymore though, since she only wants her patients to gain 10 pounds halfway through their pregnancy. I'm 17 weeks this Thursday, so almost there. I am starting to incorprate exerice into my routine again as well, so I think that will help balance things out as well. I still feel 'fat' & pudgy, but it's getting better. Thanks for all the info. & tips! :smileyhappy: