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Re: Weight...

HI Jessaramstrong,

  I know that the impending weight can seem scary.  I have started this pregnancy much heavier than I wanted, with a BMI of 31.  It helps to review what the components of the total gained weight are.  Remember that anywhere from 6-9 pounds will be your baby!  There is also the weight of the placenta, the amniotic fluid, your increased blood volume, and your enlarged breasts.  You can easily find a list online of the pregnancy weight distribution.  I hope it will give you some comfort.  Also, instead of thinking of food restricitions, focus on packing in as much beneficial food as possible when you are hungry.  When I think a poptart or doughnut would taste like heaven, I reach for yoguart, a glass of ice water, or something else that has vitamins, lean protein, or will hydrate me.  Don't deny yourself food, just keep it to food that nurtures you and the baby.  It seems that half the time I want a snack, I am actually dehydrated.

Also, be honest with your provider about fears of weight gain.  They should be able to lend a sympathetic ear and provide you with great advise for feeling good about the pounds you are supposed to be increasing in as your baby grows.