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Re: How did you find out?
1. Completely unplanned. I had just told all of my family and friends that I would be receiving my Masters in Educational Administration in the spring of 2014. Plus, my husband and I had just gotten married on June 8th. I resigned from coaching volleyball to finish the degree. I guess it was good timing for me to stop coaching regardless!

2. I have been training for my first half marathon in October, and run 5K-10K races a few times a month just for times and such. Looking for a bigger challenge, I committed to the half. Anyhow, I didn't stop training even on our honeymoon which we took right after the wedding. When we returned from our trip, I started back full swing preparing for an upcoming time trial. The second week back from our vacation on the first run for the week, I was slower by almost 3 minutes. I kept trying to push myself but my body wouldn't cooperate. I made it 7 miles but each mile was around 11 minutes, a significant increase for me. I figured it was a sign of bigger things to come (running wise.) I took a day off and decided to try to run again. I barely made it 6 miles that time. I then thought maybe it was because I had started taking two 3 credit hour classes in a condensed semester...very stressful, but manageable with my outlet--running.

Also the week we returned from the honeymoon, my blind kitty, Bonnie, started sleeping curled up next to my tummy, not her typical modus operandi. She began kneading my tummy in the mornings, and one morning crawled under the covers to sniff my belly. (Please don't think I am a wierdo!! I seriously think she just knew before we did because my body chemistry changed.)

I went for my third run on a Thursday and my times were even worse! Bummed, but worried something was wrong with me I called a friend on my way to a meeting with my degree counselor at university. She flat out said, take a pregnancy test. This had not even crossed my mind! Also, in the meeting with my counselor that followed, he said I was glowing too...weird? It got the wheels turning in my mind. I picked up a test the very next day, Friday the 28th...exactly 20 days after our wedding day (and no, there was no way it could've happened before the wedding...I know there's no way to pinpoint the exact day of conception but we're pretty sure when it must have happened--blush). Obviously bigger things are to come, but in a completely different way than I was initially anticipating.
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