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Re: How did you find out?
Big surprise
I ws training for a race that ws coming up in weeks time n my partner told to give it a break "guess he already knew I ws preggies lols" I refused then he told me he hs planned something special for us that day I ws convinced not to go n told him I wsnt goin. Well I woke up that morning got ready sneak out to the the spar ladies 10km. I ran 10km in 54 minutes time lols by the time he phoned to find out where I ws I had finished the race lols. He ws upset n asked if I ws ok n if I needed to see a dr I said I ws fine then I ws a bit worried why he ws acting a bit wiered...
Then 2 days later I felt dizzy as I ws sitting in the office I phoned him he left work straight way to take me to a gyne instead of a gp I ws angry then the gyne asked wt ws wrong I told hm he asked me to pee n the test came positive I ws shocked my heart almost missed a beat he then dd a transvag scan cos I refused to b.liv then I saw hm sitting ryt @ the corner. I even joked n said I think we have James Bond 007 hiding in my womb lols
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