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Re: First time mom due date approaching

My first time around I didn't know what to expect either, and I lost my mom at 26 weeks pregnant so I didn't have that go to person to run to for advice. My water did not break the dr had to go in and break it once I was in active labor. As for real versus Braxton Hicks contractions I "thought" they were all real, lol. Then the night labor started I wasn't feeling well so went to lay down and my husband was nice enough to go lay down with me. After about an hour of just not feeling good I clinched onto his arm and bared down with all of my might. (He already had two children from a previous marriage) He looked at me and said "now that was a real contraction". There was a huge difference in how strong it was versus the previous ones, but to me they had all been real. We waited till they were fairly constant and headed to the hospital. This is my second, another boy, and I am due the day after you but as of last Thursday I was already 1 cm dialated so I don't know if he is going to wait until his due date. My first was 4 days early.