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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines
Marykayf-if an infant hasn't received lets say measels shot yet, and an older unvaccinated child has been exposed to it, maybe not showing symptoms yet, plays with the baby then the baby is at risk of catching it. The older child's immune system will fight back better against the disease, but the baby's immune system will struggle or worse they could die. Having older children with vaccines protect babies until they can receive vaccines. Eventually, most diseases can be eradicated, but that can't happen if we still have a population of unvaccinated people who are vulnerable and passing a disease along. I guess I should be asking ever child who looks at my baby if they're up to date on their shots, maybe adults, too, since more and more people seem to choosing not to vaccinate. Its the poor unvaccinated children who will be hurt the most.
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