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Re: Welcome to your January 2014 Pregnant Moms Club!
Hi Melanie, are your dog's still very puppy-ish? If they 3 they should be reaching the point where they aren't as wired as puppies anymore and it should make things a lot easier on you with them... do you have any friends with babies/small children? Maybe they can bring theirs over to hang out and play in the same room as the dogs? That way they get used to baby sounds and playing. Aside from exposing them to babies and toddlers teaching them how to behave will be like anything else you have taught them. It will take a little bit of time but they'll catch on. Maybe make make sure to set aside 5-10 minutes each night before bed fir each dog and make it a nice experience with them. Brush them with a soft brush or just let them lay in bed with you... they'll figure it out. Just give them some time and make sure you don't set them up for failure, you know?
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