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Re: Welcome to your January 2014 Pregnant Moms Club!
Hi My name is Melanie Hendrickson. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful to our fantastic fertility doctor who truly helped our dreams of becoming parents a reality. I underwent IVF treatment in April of 2013 and found out we were expecting our 1st baby on May 8, 2013. I am currently in my 30 week and feel extremely blessed. We are having a boy. Preston Oliver Hendrickson will be joining our household on January 16, 2014.

My husband Edgar and I have been planning throughout this amazing time span to get our house in order so that it's ready for our son when he arrives. I love to organize and plan things because I find it to be so theraputic. So far I've given a lot of things away to Good Will to make room for this incredible new life and go with the "out with the old" & "in with the new saying". It feels great to be able to help other's during this exciting time for my husband and I.

So far we have 1 room left in our home to get redone. A fresh new wall color, & inexpensive decor help to freshen things up a bit. Plus we haven't done any major remodeling in at least 10-12 years. The overall process has been amazing and yet exhausting at the same time. We are doing our very best to get as many things in order as we possibly can.

Once the baby shower on November 17, 2013 has come and gone we'll have a better idea of what is left to be finalized. I wish all of the mom's out there a happy, healthy, & safe delivery.
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