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30 weeks & 6 days but miserable
I feel like a horrible person for saying this because I know I am lucky to be pregnant and for DD to be healthy but I want her out now. I feel like I am losing my mind without my meds (I am normally on anxiety and depression meds but had to come off them because they can't be taken while pregnant) and it is only getting worse. I want to quit my job. I'm ready to punch my supervisor in the face. Not being able to breathe normal is giving me panic attacks. I feel like our house is a hot mess even though it really isn't. DH is painting the rooms upstairs one at a time but at the same time is talking about looking at properties to buy because apparently he won the lottery and didn't tell me. I can't freaking deal anymore. I want it over and I want it over now.

Omg I'm going crazy. Is this normal? Anyone else feel this way?
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