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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines

Hi. I can totally relate to your desire to hear what others are doing regarding vaccines. I have 3 boys...all 4 years apart. An 8, 4 and 2 month old. My 8 year old was vaccinated according to the normal schedule. Back then we didn't have a computer and I hadn't heard of autism yet. Excema and allergies and all the other crazy things weren't as common either. I vaccinated without thinking about it. By the time I was pregnant with my 4 year old most people knew someone that had autism and vaccines were in the hot seat, so I started researching them. My son had his 2 month shots and I still felt like I needed to research more before deciding not to continue. He had his 4 month shots and I felt this impending doom feeling in my heart during his visit. He never had another shot. My 2 month old has not had any. Let me give some insight to our lifestyle. I am a stay at home mom. I homeschool. My kids have never been in a daycare setting accept at church. I breastfed both my older boys till they were 2. Same plans with this new baby. I waited till my kids were at least 6 months old to start on any foods. I rarely take my kids to the doctor nor have they been on many meds. I can count on 1 hand the # of meds they have been prescribed, one being for pinkeye, combined. I let virtually everything they get run its course so as to build their immune system naturally. I do not go out of my way to limit their interaction with other kids that have basic colds. I give them Tylenol/Ibuprofren at bedtime when they have a fever but rarely during the day. All my babies were born with no complications and full term. AND I pray for them often and thank God for showing them favor regarding good health. So far my vaccinated 8 year old and mostly unvaccinated 4 year old are equally healthy which makes it hard to decide if vaccinating is better or worse. Knowing the things that are in vaccines makes vaccinating very scary. I also had a hard time thinking of my perfectly happy, smiling baby changing overnight into a withdrawn "lights turned off inside" child after getting a vaccine like so many others have experienced. I have prayed and prayed about this and have come to the conclusion that whichever choice one makes they should be praying for their child. If they vaccinate, pray for no reactions or long term effects, if they don't vaccinate, pray that your child becomes immune to the disease by having only a very light case of it or doesn't get it at all. Either way there are very real risks. I was very lucky to have found a dr that acknowledges the risks on both sides and supported my decisions. Good luck with your decision and my advice...go with your intuition, not letting anyone change your end decision because ultimately you, not they, have to live with any consequences. Also take into consideration your lifestyle...smoking, working, breastfeeding, etc. if some of these variables had been different in my life, I may have made different decisions.