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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines

I am so skeptical about vaccines but I could never just not vaccinate my kids. My son is now 14 months old and at his 1-year checkup I had decided that there was no way I was going to let them stick him with up to six vaccines and take his blood so my husband and I decided to do one shot at a time- a specialist told us that one shot at a time reduces his exposure to all the preservatives and aluminum in the vaccines. He said the aluminum is the problem when people associate vaccines with Autism. The massive amount kids receive when they get 4-6 shots at a time is a concern but he also said not to mention Autism as my main reason for doing the shots one at a time to my pediatrician because they will just jump all over me with statistics and reports about how safe the vaccines are. I just simply told my son’s doctor that I was concerned about reactions and not knowing which vaccine is causing what reaction when he gets more than one at a time- which is true. I bring my son to the pediatrician every 30 days for one booster shot and a dose of popsicle or lollipop! Giving babies sugar (or sugar water) a couple minutes before the injection raises dopamine and naturally lessens the pain. I found out when my son was born that you are not supposed to give kids any pain reliever before their shots- if the vaccine causes a fever you want to let it go because it raises the child’s immunity to whatever the injection was for. Ten years ago, when I had my daughter, we were encouraged to dose her with Tylenol an hour before the shots to get it working in her system and to reduce the amount of time between doses so she could get another after the shots were given. So much has changed since then! I hope this helps you some- this is such a hard topic and there really is no right or wrong choice. You just have to follow your heart <3