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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines
Do not vaccinate until you've thoroughly educated yourself! And don't listen to the scare mongering. If you THOROUGHLY research each vaccine, their ingredients, and the diseases they're meant to prevent, along with the vaccine inserts- you will see that none of the vaccines are really necessary for a healthy infant, and the risks of vaccines are scarier. My only regret is getting my kids some vaccines before I educated myself. My daughter had measles before her first birthday and it wasn't a big deal- not the scary disease drug companies and newspapers would have you believe it is. Once you're educated, measles, chicken pox and whooping cough are not scary diseases. And you'll realize, most of the utbreaks are vaccinated individuals because vaccines are not even close to 100%. You can't undo vaccines. It took me a year of research before I realized the full risks and stopped vaccinating.
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