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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines
Hi Shawna-
This is a big debate, isn't it? :-)
My son is 2. He has been mostly vaccinated, though we went with Dr. Sears schedule (mostly), so that it was spread out, not 5-6 shots each appointment but 1-2 shots ever (or every other) month. We did most of the recommended vaccinations, but not all (and if/when we have another I might do a few less). We do not do the flu shot.
HOnestly, you have to do the research and make the call for yourself. Personally, I think the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) and Polio vaccines are important not just for your child but for society's sake. We dont' have much of those diseases anymore because of vaccines (though, due to people NOT vaccinating, there are more breakouts, currently). Without looking at the list of CDC recommended vaccinations I can't remember the others specifically, but I would say do the research on each one and decide, rather than looking at them as a whole, if that makes sense. Decide vaccination by vaccination. it's a lot of work - no doubt. But it's worth it to get your LO started off right. And don't forget 'lifestyle factors' - will your child be in daycare from an early age (and therefore exposed to a lot more things)? Is there anyone in your family with hepatitis (that would be a good reason to vaccinate). Things like that.
But whatever you do - don't let anyone (even doctors!!) make you feel guilty or bad for your choices, no matter what you choose. I have changed pediatricians, myself, for this very reason. Your baby, your call. Good luck!!!
ps: I didn't have a gumdrops and lollipops pregnancy either...unless you count ginger lollipops which was about all i could ingest for a few months! hang in there!
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