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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines

I am a new mom of an 8 month old. I too did alot of research on both sides however, I will say - I stuck with the facts of the medical and scientific communicty on this one. There was just too much risk to my little one with not vaccinating - There is a higher risk of serious illness and death if I did not vaccinate - the illnesses and complications that she could get resulting in not having the vaccines scared me. She has reacted very weel through three rounds so far - I have only had to give her tylenol 1 time AFTER 1 round - I never pre treated her. I did not want her to go through a bout of sickness of measles, or mumps, or any of the other diseases thata re resurfacing due to non vaccinations. Why would I put her through getting sick when I could prevent it? I would rather do everything in my power to help her than not and regret it later. 

Plus, if the vaccines were so unsafe, don't you think there would be a MUCH higher rate of issues? There are BILLIONS of people who get vaccinbated all over the world. If they were that bad, we would see huge populations of children having bad reactions and serious side effects. Not just a small sampling. Anything can worng with anything but I felt safer knowing I am trying.