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Re: New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines

I am a nurse-midwife and have a degree in Public Health.  When my son was diagnosed with autism, I researched this issue very carefully.  I didn't just take the CDCs word for it, I looked at most of the studies myself.  I feel very comfortable that vaccines do not cause autism or any other major conditions.  The preservatives that are in vaccines are in forms that excrete from the body very quickly.  Chances are if you and only you did not vaccinate your kids, they would be fine.  However if many kids in your community were not vaccinated, there could be an outbreak.  We recently had a measles outbreak in our city.  If your child got the measles as an older child, they would probably be fine, but as a younger child it could be life threatening.  The other thing is that many vaccines aren't given to kids until they are a year old, but they have a low chance of getting sick before then because older kids are vaccinated.  An unvaccinated child who gets sick could spread the infection to a young infant or someone else who is immunocompromised.  I commend you for thinking about every chemical that goes into your child's body.  There are alot of resources for raising "green" babies or having a clean environment, and there's alot you can do that's not that difficult to minimize toxic exposures to your family.  Remember, even though vaccines seem frequent in the first few years, its nothing compared to food that your child eats every day!  I hope this helps.  You will find alot of passionate voices on both sides of this issues, and I just wanted to share what I've learned both as a professional and a mom in a hopefully unbiased way!  Congratulations on your impending birth!