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New Mom2B seeking opinions about vaccines

Hi all!


Im Shawna, 32, and about to have my first, and last baby. Pregnancy is brutal and I have no idea how my hubby deals with me. I am hard for me to deal with... So- I have a great deal of admiration and a bit of envy to you lucky ones who feel 'amazing, and like preganacy is all gumdrops and lollipops'. 


OK- So- what is everyones thoughts regarding vaccines for kids?

I've been reading and reading- info from both sides of the fence. I, myself, am very skeptical about injecting my precious lil munchie with the vaccines. I know they have toxic, vial ingredients and preservitives that cause a whole slew of adverse reactions. Subsequently, I do not feel that doping my lil munchie up on Tylenol until he or she is better is briilliant idea either. I also understand that the pharmactical industry is a billion dollar power house and that there is more money to be made in creating disease than curing it.

I just wanted to see if there really are perfectly healthy unvaccinated kids out there somewhere today, in 2013. I know this is an extremely touchy subject for some people, and that is the reason I am asking. I appreciate everyones opinion. Regardless of which side you're on.