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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?
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You can argue I suppose that UPS employees are not hurt by this, because at least they do have access to another insurance.  I'm assuming that they chose to use the insurance previously offered by UPS because it was better.  One would assume if offered a choice between two companies that the best policy for that family would be chosen.  So most of them probably are still able to have insurance (that is if they can afford the other policy).  However, I'm certain many of them are negatively impacted by this, and I would guess that some of them can not afford the other option.  They must have been negatively impacted, or it wouldn't have been such a big story.  Often when a family has two options they are able to have more insurance, things like dental, vision, etc.  So probably some of them lost these benefits as well.  The point is they were negatively impacted.


Cleveland Clinic laid off people as a result of Obamacare.  There is absolutely no argument there at all.  They said that was the reason.


Vanderbilt said they were cutting costs, yes.  Reimbursement is less with Obamacare,  which they also said.  That results in jobs lost. They were already needing to cut costs, and Obamacare was the nail in the coffin. It is happening everywhere.  It is easy to verify if you want.  Cleveland Clinic was very straightforward that this was the reason for their layoffs.  Like I said before, I know for a fact that a local hospital has had meetings to try to figure out how they can survive Obamacare.   It is happening with all hospitals.  This bill is detrimental to them,  to doctors, to pharmacies, and to all who make a living providing health care, period.  Ask your doctor.  Ask your pharmacist.  Ask your specialist.  Look for the truth, please.