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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?
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I shouldn't involve myself in this discussion any more. Clearly you want to believe that providing healt care to your neighbors is a bad thing. But.....

Vanderbuilt (Cleveland Clinic) states that they have been trying to reduce costs for YEARS. not exactly the direct result of ACA that you would prefer to believe.

UPS states that they will no longer cover MOST spouses because they now have ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE ELSEWHERE.

most retail and low or minimum wage jobs keep employee hours to 24 or less per week so they don't have to offer any benefits. This is nothing new. The Nationwide company that I work for is one of those that keep all employees as part time. It comes down to pure greed. For some reason, they think that a sick employee can easily be replaced by an untrained new employee. They have no respect for their employees, who are frequently the first face and the last face customers see when shopping. The lack of respect...the non valuing of employees is shown by minimum wages, short hours and no benefits. The ACA does not affect employer greed.

The op Ed piece cites two people in a community of several thousand (?) perhaps you could cite an example of inner city changes for poverty level folks that are affected by ACA.

I would be more inclined to comment on the other sources that you have cited if they were from respected sources.

And now, like Leigh, I'm done with this. You can go and poke someone else with that stick you carry.
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