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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?

I apologize if you are a true member.  I know that people have been hired to do nothing but comment favorably on this topic.  If that is not what you are doing, I do apologize. 

What have I posted that is inaccurate?  I would like specifics please.  Our business IS health care, so I'm pretty sure I have everything correct.  I know I have everything correct for how my family (& our employees) have been hurt.  I know I have everything correct for my friend, who has been trying to sign up for weeks. I know I have everything correct where pharmacy and doctors are concerned.  When it affects your life, your business, you know.  Is Obama saying what I have posted is inaccurate?  Of course!  He also said, "if you like your insurance you can keep it"  and lied about Benghazi for weeks, saying it was caused by a video!  The truth eventually came out, just as it will here, just as it already has about keeping your insurance, but it will be too late!

The numbers prove that it is hurting more people than helping.  Of course I want good health care for everyone; we all do.  Destroying everyone's health care is not helping anyone.  Please, just look for facts.  That is all I ask.  I want the truth to be exposed.  In the end the truth is what matters, and you are not getting it listening to our media or politicians.  And as far as the "partisan" comment....I'm not happy with most of the GOP or the Democrats.  Not sure what I said that was partisan, unless it was the simple fact that I don't favor a president who lies to the people?