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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?

Interesting that the positive comments are all "new users"....hmmmm. 

Anyway, again my family has been hurt a lot by Obamacare and every family that I know (working people) have been hurt.  I do not know anyone it has benefitted.  I suppose there may be a few who it will help, but those who have been hurt (as my family has been and as all our employees have been) far outweigh the benefits.

I'm just curious, though for all of you who think this is so wonderful.....do you even care about all the people who have been hurt by this?  What do you have to say about that?  Do you care that more people are hurt than helped?   Do you care that doctors are deciding to quit practicing, because it isn't woth it any more?  Do you care that hospitals like Cleveland Clinic have laid off a lot of  people because of it?  Do you care that everyone's prescriptions are going to cost a whole lot more now because of it?  Do you care that many families won't be able to afford insurance or the fine?  Do you care that deductibles have gone way up (doubled and tripled in many cases)?  Do you care that most people can't afford that?  Do you care the policy costs have gone up?  I know for a fact that local hospitals have met trying to decide how to cut costs in order to survive this law.  I know that most likely it will result in lost jobs in health care, and lots of them!

The President didn't mis-speak.  He knew all along.  He lied, as he does daily. It is amazing how blind our nation has become and how they will accept anything he says without ever checking for themselves.  He said he wanted a single payer system before he was elected, but then said he didn't want a single payer system.  He said, "if you like your insurance you can keep it", and those who said this was a lie were ridiculed, but look what happened!  I just can't believe how foolish our nation has become and how they can be duped into anything with a little smooth talk.  It is very sad, and we all will pay the consequences for the foolishness of so many!