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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?
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Leigh, you've hit the nail squarely on the head. We have such a broken system here, and I simply can't understand people who want to deny fellow citizens access to medical care. 


When I was in Vancouver, our friend took us to Vancouver General Hospital.  It's a huge multi-building teaching complex.  I'm American, so my first thought when I saw the place was "I wonder how many hours I'll be waiting in the ER."  Surprise!  No wait at all.  I never got to sit down in the waiting area.  I was whisked back immediately.  So my first lesson in a national health care plan is that when people can see a doctor when they're sick, it unclogs the emergency health system.  


So many people wait and wait because they can't afford to see a doctor, and then something minor, becomes something major.  


One of my daughter's friends was haranguing about Obamacare on his facebook page.  After lots of nasty comments, my daughter responded to him...."You are the very person who NEEDS Obamacare.  You've had a heart transplant.  If not for the Affordable Care Act, you would be uninsurable." The thread on that conversation went away.  


I agree that our President misspoke when he said that you can keep your policies.  I don't think it occurred to him or to his writers just how many substandard insurance policies these companies have written.  Those policies should never have been written, let alone sold to people.  It is unconcionable.  Like buying a house that has sub standard construction.  It's going to come down in the first big storm.  Catstrophic insurance is almost useless.  There aren't very many people who have catastropohic illnesses, and it's possible that they're not carrying any insurance beyond catastrophic.  Day to day medical care was out of reach for many, many Americans, and when people can't afford to pay their medical bills, guess who picks up the tab.  You and I do.  It's time for my taxes to do more than provide cannon fodder in the middle east. A healthy country would be a good start.