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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?

I most definitely think it's a good idea. I have two friends who now are covered after being uninsurable for years (one who has MS, one with a history of breast cancer), and my brother's now covered on my parents' plan, which gives us all peace of mind because he rock climbs and back country skiis on his free time so is a major injury risk. I also have several friends who will be paying hundreds less per month, and one of them is able to get insurance for her kids that's actually decent for the first time. Yes, the process of signing up was a pain in the butt (those consultants who were hired to do it should not be paid at all), but once they worked through it, they were really pleased. 


I also happen to know because I work in health policy that the country desperately needs its citizens to be insured and to receive preventive care - the billions we spend on paying for chronic diseases aren't there in the Treasury's coffers, as we all know, and we need patients taking care of themselves and receiving a doctor's attention when they can still avoid diabetes, heart disease, etc., which the health law helps make possible.  76% of Medicare spending is on patients with five or more chronic diseases - that is absurd when pretty much all of that is avoidable.


Anyway, the only thing that ticks me off is that I live in a state with a governor / assembly that chose to pass on the medicaid expansion, so I'm essentially paying Federal taxes that are now going to expand Medicaid in other states and not here.  Stupid.