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Re: Anyone still think Obamacare is a good thing?

Wow.  So she didn't have any trouble signing up?  I have friends who have been trying to sign up for weeks now, and still have been unable to do so.  They have called for assistance many times, and still been unable to sign up.  They are so frustrated!  Their insurance ended with the new year, so they are worried to say the least.  I haven't heard of anyone who is better off as a result of Obamacare, except your daughter.  I'm glad it is benefiting one person, I suppose.  The cost may be a bit high though for all the people it is hurting!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that our policy costs our family $15,000 a year!   Now add in the cost for our 20 some employees!  This is only the beginning, and all the uneducated people who voted for this will pay the cost along with all of us who knew it was a disaster!