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Re: Do first-person shooters influence real-life violence?

I think this is a great question. Of coarse I don't know the answer, but I have some thoughts on it.


First I will say that there was a time my husband would play call of duty after the kids went to bed. I didn't and never will understand the enjoyment one gets from a game where you shoot people dead. I will also say that I am 100% sure that my husband knows reality from fantasy.


We have a 7 year old son that is not allowed to play video games of a violent nature (hard to find) he has also never seen my husband play call of duty. The reason being because he is at an age where he is becoming aware of mortality and learning new things about the world we live in. I believe that if he were to play games of a violent nature he may not be able to distinguish between real life and fantasy. Although I don't know the facts, I fear that violent, first person shooter games may affect the way they view real life.


I believe that electronics in general have created a problem in our society. Kids now have little to no interaction with any other generation. They are not required to participate in a conversation with grandma, they are handed an electronic device to keep them quiet. They are no longer expcted to behave while in public because they are taught to walk through life with head phones on. We have not taught ourkids how to behave in society without all the gadgets.


We have a friend that came over with her kids and neither of the kids even said hello or goodbye. One sat with us at the dinner table with headphones and a game and the other sat by the front door. That is the way they are taught to behave. Its a shame because as humans we need close personal relationships for happiness and we are not fostering thase relationships for our kids. We are going to end up with a bunch of depressed young adults!