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Re: Will my kids be violent like the shooter in DC?

I agree, it is a very scary thing to think about.


I was listening to Doctor Radio yesterday and the subject was mental health. I was shocked to hear parents call in with questions about their children and wonder if they should get help. One mother said that her child is now in college but struggles with intrusive thoughts about hurting people. This has has been going on for a while but it always seemed to be under control so this parent never took the child to see anyone for help. This could be a very simple thing to treat if not ignored as well as a very serious problem if it is ignored.


I'm not saying that this child would have acted on these thoughts, but it is not normal to have these thoughts and it does need to be addressed.


I think as parents, we don't want to believe that our child could do such a thing. I can see how it would be easy to write off any red flags because we never think it's going to be our kids that do something like this. They say that hind sight is 20/20. I guess "they" are right.