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Re: August 2013 Board

Simone: Wow!  I don't know all the back story to what is going on.   BUT I sure hope things get straightened out, that is just crazy.


Tara: I have kept you in my prayers, I hope something works for you soon.


Brie: Happy to hear you've figured it out.  The charting to avoid is just as stressful as charting to get pregnant, maybe even more so.  I haven't been temping though, just charting AF.  So far they have been oddly the same length for me, I didn't start after having him until the day after his birthday.  We still BF though, but only 3 times a day.  I certainly didn't miss my AF, I've had a huge swing in how I feel since it came back and not in the good direction.

AFM: The whole weaning thing gets more and more tempting, my goal was a year and we're well past there.  He seems to be latching different recently so it's not nearly as comforitable and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.  He still seems to really want to BF though so I don't really want to push him away.  He signs for milk and if I don't notice that he pokes at me, LOL.

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