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Re: Big question

Alexx: I know you have a child already..but I wouldnt tell her "babies sleep for the first three months".. because that was definitely NOT the case with Layla!! By 3 months she was trying to crawl already..and on the go by 4.5 months!! lol.  It all depends on the child. My friends baby did indeed sleep for about all the 3 months . My child was alert and interactive.  Not to mention she'd be up (and her DH) every two hours or so for feedings those first 3 months!


However to the OP, I am also a student and found myself pregnant shortly after my first semester! (this also was after my doctor insured me it took me a year to get pregnant due to past endometriosis issues and I found I was pregnant 4 days after seeing her! ) I went to school all through my pregnancy, up til the semester I was due, then I took that semester off because I was due at midterm and theres no way I would jepordize my GPA.  I went back the following semester and am due to graduate in July! I wont say that going to school and having a baby is an easy task to do, but If i was able to do it, I am sure that you could as well!  You sound to me like you are very dedicated to your studies, as well as very motivated when it comes to your education, and these are the two required characteristics that will help you succeed at being a mom and a student all at the same time!! 

I would NOT recommend terminating your pregnancy. At 4 weeks, theres a heartbeat.. the baby is a living thing..please don't do that! You can do school, get your degree, and be an excellent mother, as long as you have the mindset to do so. :smileyhappy:

Heres how possible it is: I walked away last semester exempt from a statistics final because I had an A, and had A's in both other classes I was taking, walking away with a term GPA of 4.0!

My only qualm with being a mom and student is the fact that my GPA is not the 3.75 it was prior to being pregnant and having Layla, but it was never lower than a 3.4, so I'm ok with that :smileywink: I just have high standards!


My tips for managing classes and morning sickness? (i never missed a single class, I'd go in, sicker than a dog)  Get a product called "Sea Bands" for $8 at walmart or walgreens. They also make a ginger gum but it dissolves . It helped but this dissolving thing made me feel weird about them lol. The most life saving thing was the Sea Bands! Also, bring snacks and lots of water.. eat a little something each hour, which helps combat nausea.


Tips for after baby: In order to get your schoolwork done, Don't follow the "Sleep when they sleep" rule (and I think whomever invented that was crazy! How are you supposed to get anything done around the house if you sleep everytime the baby does? lol) . I have always utilized nap time as my homework time or my cleaning house time. At first it will seem like you arent hardly doing as much towards school as you used to , but get used to that feeling. :smileyhappy: your time will now be divided between multiple ways! Its the beauty of motherhood!! This stressed me out for months, until i realized "HEY, you may not be getting straight A's and 4.0's but you are still getting honors recognition! STOP CRITICIZING YOURSELF!" .. that was the hardest thing for me to do! You will be tired ... no... exhausted... the first few months post baby, however, I did it! You can too lady!! :smileyhappy: Make sure you get your baby on a routine as soon as you come home from the hospital (ie. bedtime routine for layla has always began at 7pm, by 8, shes in bed). This makes it easier for you to plan study time after the baby is down for the night.


It isn't a cake walk or a rose pedaled path...its more like lots of poop filled diapers... but it is quite possible to have a baby, and still graduate with your degree!! This semester I just began yesterday techincally would have been my last, so im a semester behind.. (and I do recommend taking ONE semester off after you have the baby, which gives you time to mentally adjust to baby schedule, plus get through the first couple of months where you are up every two hours, and givees you time to establish routines for you and baby.) my original schedule, but I wouldnt have it any other way. My child is the best blessing ever..and you will understand that the moment you have your first ultrasound..and the moment you lay eyes on your child..and the more you watch them grow..

so please... try to have your baby and finish your education!! Im here for support if you need it! I'd be willing to give you my email as well if you'd like.

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