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Brie I don't see any sign of it happeneing soon. Are you trying to get pregnant or charting to avoid it? I don't know if you are lucky to have cycles or not while breastfeeding. When I BF'd Lennox he was just days from being 13 months old when I got my first ppaf and then only my first one was ovulatory until I weaned him at 16 months old. They are doing an investigation and I am going to see if CPS is doing there own as well. If not I will demand them to. I mean we got investigated by cps because the teachers and social workers had claimed marks on Ty in the past and it was his eczema and bruising easily. At least with him at this hospital they are documenting his bruises and so cps can now see we did nothing to cause them. 


On another note about Ty. He was sent to the ER today. He fell on the way to breakfast and started throwing up. The nurse saw him and he was pretty lathargic and disoriented. His heart sounds were off so they called an ambulance to take him. They told them about Sunday and ran several tests did a ct scan and gave him IV fluids. They released after 4 hours and he is on bed rest the rest of the day and is supposed to drink a lot. But they said everything is normal and Sunday's incident was not to blame. 


Also, the investigation shows that there was 3 adults standing together as they said Ty was by them, as he likes to be with adults then with kids his own age. Any way they said that the 2 boys and a girl were playing basketball and the one boy wanted the other to throw the ball to him and he didn't and that is what started the fight. 1 employee started taking the other out and another was trying to get the kid that grabbed Ty out as well. Leaving one person in the gym to watch Ty and the other 5. Well the kid got away and Ty was right there by the door so he got kneed and grabbed. The last employee tried to grab the kid, but the kid was too quick and too strong for her and so the only man there that was excorting the first boy up to the floor had the 2nd take him up and went to Ty's aid and pulled that kid off. Both boys were put into a time out room for awhlie and lost privilages. They said Ty never lost cosciousness or turned blue. He was crying and told to sit on the bleachers, I hope that that is what happened not that they were getting their stories straight, but it correlates with what the kids they interviewed in the gym said. They couldn't get them all to lie right!!!????

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