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Re: January Board!
Tara- I see a place in Bellevue, but nothing closer. Looking at the costs, no way could I do that. I would rather have pictures of them after. They don't like to do the ultrasounds before the 20 week one anyways... so other then the fact it's 3D... it shouldn't tell me anything the one I am already going to have would. I can't wait till Friday to see how things are progressing, hear that little heartbeat.

AFM- I did get scheduled for the counselor tomorrow. Chiropractor today. OB is Friday. Busy week. Nathan is doing a creative movement class that started today, we worked on throwing beanbags, jumping, crawling, walking on a balance beam, played with a parachute and did some other stuff. He seemed to really enjoy himself. It's twice a week. I'm just hoping I can make it 2 months doing that. That reminds me, I have to call the PT and get that appointment set up as well. :smileysad:
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