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Re: January Board!

Amy- The 3D US are pretty cool. I know there is a place in Bellingham that does them. I think it's kinda expensive though. Some of the pics are really cool and others sometimes a little creepy. I'm sure there is probably one down in your area or Seattle. Do you think you'd do one this time around?


Alexx- Sorry you're having a tough time. It's a hard spot to be in. I would test again or call your doc and try to get a blood test. Spotting may not have been your period. Hugs!


Nicole-  Yeah, the pharmacist expected that the new P got too cold on it's way to us so it crystallized. UPS doesn't get to our house until late so not sure if I should just wait till Wednesday to start the transition. If I start on Wednesday I do two shots one new one old, then old for the next three days, then just the new shot every Wednesday till 10 weeks or so. Can't wait to see more on Thursday, too!