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Tara: :smileywink: I hope so, he didnt believe me when I told him that was part of the treatment plan, I have to show him in print! Lol. I am known to say that BD is a cure all anyway so hes skeptical. Its hilarious that BD IS actually a cure for this!! =)) It literally makes me LOL. Hes none too thrilled about the fact he has to go to the GYN office either to pick up the estrace cream...but if it helps, he'll do it. :smileyhappy: Hes not all bad  lol.


Simone: I would have tread through hell and high water to get Ty back at that point. I'd consider taking matters legally for the fact that they never even called to let you know and that a case worker had to be the one to inform you of that. That is not right at all. Thank you for the well wishes :smileyhappy:


afm- maybe Tara and simone, you guys can take a look at my chart and see if you think Im about to O as well.. I have had some cramps the last two days. Now it could be the atrophy, as it does cause the cramps as well, but Im on CD 9 now, so I know before i had layla, i always would O close to CD 14. It seems a little early, but the temp has slightly risen the last two days.

Im still trying to figure this out so maybe you guys can make more sense of it. :smileyhappy: I dont think that I have anything to worry about from DH's "forgetfullness" last weekend. This weekend though is projected O date so we cant have one of those weekends..even if JD is leaving lol.

Also having creamy/watery..but almost egg white CM.. Not sure what to put on my chart, but it went from sticky CM /creamy watery but also stretchy looking EGCM colored  in a matter of hours. So confused. Help!

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