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Brie that is great you know what is wrong with you and you are getting better! 


Here is what I posted yesterday. 


Here is some stuff going on with me. 

So I got a call from Ty's case manger this morning and I am not at all happy! She told me that while the kids were playing in the gym yesterday morning 2 other kids got into a verbal/ physical fight. When they were taking one of those other kids out of there the other kid grabbed Ty and gave him a choke hold to the point Ty lost consciousness, was blue, and possibly had a seizure. It is unclear if there was any adult by that kid or in the gym period. They are doing an investigation, but it still wouldn't matter to me as he could have lost his life and may have more brain damage. I am so so pissed. They are supposed to keep the kids safe and they are clearly under staffed and do not know how to keep kids safe from one another. I called the cps worker twice to let her know how furious I am and how much safer he would be at home and to get things moving to bring him home and keep everyone safe here would be a lot easier. They didn't call me about yesterday or let Ty talk to me. Feel like taking a drive today to see him for myself and talk to the staff in person. Very worried about him much more than I was before. 

AFM my thyroid is messed up despite me being on 150mcg of levothyroxine. My TSH is 8.96 normal is 0.27 - 5.5 and my Free T4 is 0.83 and normal is 0.93- 1.7. So hopefully she will up my med and losing weight will help me keep my next baby.

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