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I too posted yesterday and its gone.


Amy: welcome back lady!!! :smileyhappy: Can't believe nathan is a year old! Time sure has flown. I cant say how well NFP is working for me as a way to NOT get prego again, but im trying it anyway. I am starting to get cramping, so im wondering if i am ovulating early. So far, it still is having me slightly confused. lol.




afm- We finally have a diagnoisis!! Atrophic Vaginitis brought on by low estrogen levels due to breastfeeding! Its usually a menopause thing, but it also affects breastfeeding women! (figure 9..almost 10 months of it every single day and still doing it 4-5 times a day now!) I figured it out, (thank you google) by doing a last minute search to see if breastfeeding could really be causing issues. I have every single symptom, right down to the urninary symptoms! its suggestions for treatment were to apply lubrication like astroglide to see if it helps and to have "regular sex"., I did that over the weekend (even convinced DH to BD once) and BINGO!! Alot of relief! I called the doctor, told them what I read, what I did, and how much it helped. Dr. M must have agreed because she is giving me a very small dose (even smaller than in my BCP that i havent started either lol) of the estrogen cream to use externally, and possibly internally for a few days over the next 2 months.

Now its just a matter of getting all the way up there to pick it up! DH offered to, but he has to work out of town today. She is just giving me a sample for now, but at least she saw the correlation and agreed!!



Im going to wait and see if my other post appears lol because i did reply to simone and tara as well

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