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Re: January Board!

Alexx- I suppose that is better than nothing although I'm sorry it didn't pan out. Hugs!


Nicole- A tooth already? What a big boy! We had one little bout with snow here a few weeks back, but it was gone pretty quickly. Hope you can stay home and enjoy your kiddos in this weather. Yeah, I was hoping they would switch to the suppositories just because I am totally over being stuck. My butt has big knots from all the injections. I think the IMs are their preferred choice. 


Yep, one week from today is our US! Its's at the end of my stretch off, but I don't care about my days off flying by if I can get to see what's happening in there. Super hard to keep things mum at work about it because quite a few people knew we were doing IVF. News kinda spreads like wild fire there anyway. It would've been nice to keep it quieter.