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I'm 32 years old, married with two children. My first, I was young and it was easy to get pregnant, my second child took about 8-9 months to get pregnant. After my second child, I decided to get the Mirena, which I had no problems with and only spot with it. I had it for 5 years and on 10/28/13, I decided to get it taken out so my husband and I can try again for our 3rd child. I bled for about 7 days after removal, including the day of removal, and I am pretty sure it was removal bleeding/period. My doctor told me that normally women get their periods (after Mirena removal) within 2 months and if I hadn't gotten it within 2 months, to make an appointment to get checked out and then he'll prescribe me Provera. Within those two months, I tried to track my ovulation but it was difficult if my observations were accurate since I didn't get any type of bleeding at all. Also, within that time frame, my husband and I had (unprotected) sex. My husband is a over the road truck driver who only comes home maybe twice a month, so even if I was tracking my ovulation, it really didn't matter because we had sex whenever he came home. My husband and I had sex on December 24, 25, 26 of 2013 (and also days around Thanksgiving). Yesterday, after two months of no bleeding at all (after my removal bleeding), I spot only when I wiped yesterday and today. It is a pinkish brownish color and I have a few possible "pregnancy" symptoms. I made an appointment (which was today 1-2-14) in which my doctor checked me (vaginal exam), did a urine pregnancy test, had blood drawn, and prescribed me Provera. He didn't do an ultrasound or check me with the wand (they insert in your vagina to check if your pregnant/other issues as well) and the pregnancy test came out negative. The concern or issue that I feel may be going on is that that bleeding is implantation bleeding. Should I hold off taking the Provera until I try to take another pregnancy test in a few weeks (my husband MAY come home next weekend-hint, hint)? If I start taking it and find out that I am pregnant, is it harmful to the baby? I truly think I am pregnant (after having 2 children, you just know, lol) but at this point, I don't know what to do. I apologize for the long post/question, but just wanted to give a clear summary of my "baby-making" life (if you will), LOL.