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Missed Miscarriage and TTC again... Need advice


          I am looking for anyone who had to experience going through a miscarriage or a D&C and TTC afterwards. We decided to start trying at the beginning of Oct 2013 and by Nov 2013 we were pregnant! WE were so excited and over the moon about it. Unfortunately when I went in for my first ultrasound I was told that they couldn't find the baby's heart had stopped functioning sometime that week. After doing some additional testing and another u/s to confirm the first u/s we scheduled a D&C  on 12 Dec 2013bc I was not having any signs of a miscarriage. I have since followed up with my doctor and he said everything went as planned and that everything came back from the lab clean and that once everything clears up we can start trying again but should wait until I have at least one period just to be on the safe side. So we are waiting for things to clear up and for aunt flow to show up so we can start trying again.  BTW this was my first pregnancy which did not make things any easier.


          I am just wondering if anyone has had a similiar experience. if so how long did you wait before TTC again? Or how long did it take you to get pregnant afterwards?  Just looking for some advice or anyone that had a similiar experience.  Hope everyone has a Happy and healthy New Year!