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Re: miscarriage nd scared to try again


          Reading your post gives me hope for ttc in the future. I recently had a missed miscarriage and had to have a D&C done. This was my first pregnancy and I honestly didn't think it would bother me as much as it has. I know that there is nothing that I could have done to make the outcome any different but there is always that nagging feeling. I even let someone convince me that my boyfriend was upset and blaming me over having a failed pregnancy and was crying my eyes out asking him about it. He told me that there was no way he could even think about blaming me for what happened and that when the time is right we will starting trying again but for now I need to worry about getting myself healthy again. Thinking back I can see how ridiculous it was for me to ask him that but at the time it seemed like a plausible question as he had been distant with me. Now I realize that we are both grieving in our own ways and need some time and space to ourselves at times.


          I have recently found out from my 14 y/o step daughter that dad (my boyfriend) has been talking to my mom to find out what months she doesnt have granchildren in so he knows when we can start trying again... lol!