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I'm copying my super-long post that I wrote on the other board.... those of you who already read it are welcome to ignore... :smileytongue:


Hi, ladies!  I keep meaning to post and keep getting distracted. :-/  I didn't mean to boycot (and I know that this board is up till the end of July), just got busy...job-hunting, apartment-hunting, and the like...  Sorry about that. :-/


Simone, I just asked for a hormonal profile.  But I would wait one normal period, at least, before checking anything, since before then your body probably won't be 100% back to normal.  I don't know why they want to get you checked out now.  Maybe it's just time for a checkup?  I hope Ty's birthday went okay.  Len is so cute!  Too bad you didn't get any pictures (to post).  I've had dreams like that, too.  I WISH I were pregnant.  And it sure doesn't help that everyone around me is either pregnant or just gave birth.  Ugh.  I'm sorry about the beta.  I tested yesterday (late period) and got 0.13.  Makes me really sad, even though I wasn't really expecting anything.  Thanks for stalking my chart. :smileyhappy:  Listen, what you guys are going through with Ty is really tough, on everyone.  I don't think that Eli's behavior or Ty's is your fault.  And you're doing what's important, by getting help for them both.  But it's DEFINITELY not your fault. 


Brie, I am so glad your insurance covered the Mirena removal!  That really is a relief, that you'll be done with it.  I get what you're saying, it is kind of nervewracking to have to worry about pregnancy....  Good luck with that test!  Hope you passed. :smileyhappy: Layla is so cute!  I agree with Tara - there are ways to be discreet.  We don't let guests bother us, we just do it quietly.  OTOH, we only have two weeks out of every month, so maybe it's different.  I don't think your DH would mind getting you pregnant, though, at least from what you've shared with us.... Yes, you are terrible.  Oh, well.  It's nice to know he's interested.  I am glad you are feeling so much better.  And I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much stuff lately.  Maybe you should try suing Mirena?  You could get billions of dollars (and give half of it to Tara for 5 IVF babies).


Haley, congrats!  Doesn't sound like you had an easy birth, but at least she is here!  Glad everything is going well so far. :smileyhappy:


Tara, I agree that it's worth a shot with 100mg.  But I'm not a doctor and get why he's nervous...  We really are the only ones left...wonder who'll get a BFP first. :smileyvery-happy:  You had a really good LP this past month!  BTW the best way to get AF is to take a HPT.  Always (well, 99% of the time) works.  Hmm, maybe I shouldn't come on the board anymore.  I feel every time I come back after a bit of a break, I see that you're on CD2 or 3.  If I stay away, so will your AF, right?  LOL.  That IVF plan sounds like it might be worth it for you.  Oh, no, I can't believe they messed up so badly....and now you lose a whole month.  That really stinks. :'(


Gina, those are gorgeous pictures.  I'm sorry about the reflux and milk allergies.  Hopefully you will find something that works for him and you'll all have it easier.


Christine, I am so glad you reached your due date with a healthy 3 week old!  I hope the boys are feeling better already!  Yes, nursing and typing are two activities that are really hard to do at the same time.


Nicole, it looks like you boycotted the board, too.  How are you doing?


AFM - After one and a half failed interviews and over a 175 CV's, I have a job.  Except that it's in Dimona.  Which means we will have to move cities.  Here's a link (copy and paste, I guess):


I took B6 from O and on, and ended up with a 16 day LP.  Kind of wondering if it was a chemical.  But if it was, my levels were back down to 0.13 at 16DPO.  Because of my previous cycles, we "decided" that if we made it to a 14 day LP, I was probably pregnant.  I guess not....Honestly, I have kind of given up.  On the one hand, back to normal - woke up with my period and didn't have weird staining before.  On the other hand, it's too "light", it looks empty...know what I mean?  Same amount, but it's not the same stuff...  Whatever, I think my body went cukoo, and am trying to come to terms with the fact that we probably won't have the big family we dreamed of.


I just noticed that the link doesn't show the distance.  So put in "get directions" and in one box put Jerusalem, and in the other put Dimona.  And then you'll see what I mean...

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