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Tara: He says hes ready, hes just been working so much and in the heat and humidity that hes drained.And he always waited a day or so after AF ended "just in case..its a guy thing" lol. Its just frustrating when its been 3 weeks now.I feel like im going to shrivel up and spit dust out of there LOL.

I do admire him for the way he works so hard though.


Breastfeeding is definitely great.. Its time consuming and takes alot out of you, but its so worth it. Layla has only had a case of the "sniffles" (a slightly stuffy nose) once. I know several other babies her age have been in and out of the hospital with all kinds of illnesses. My one friend didnt produce enough milk, but she tried. :smileyhappy: I had a mindset before Layla was born to go for 6-9 months, 9 months at max, 6 at min. But then I read the benefits of breastfeeding til at least a year, were so big that I decided to do a year. When I get determined, I am stubborn and want to make my goals. Chris always says its a blessing and a curse.  I suppose he is right :smileyhappy:

When i had the mirena removed, I noticed an increase in my supply, like a very big increase, so I am just going to for go any bcp til I wean layla, especially after seeing that difference. I still produced enough for her, but never enough to store anymore, so I gave up pumping. Chris is all for that, he prefers I dont go back on bcp even after weaning Layla, but even though I had a baby, I still worry about endometriosis coming I prefer to go back on them.

So for now, im just going with figuring out my cycles again for now, charting, using protection, and keeping track of everything. :smileyhappy:

3 months of that is better than stressing for 9 months on how we will take care of JD, Layla, and another one.. and we couldnt afford for me to stay home another year with another one. And after staying with Layla, I'd be disappointed if i had another and couldnt give that one the same good start as I did with Layla :smileyhappy:


Ok enough rambling for me.

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