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Re: November board
Tara- The magnet thing was supposed to say it's his artwork with flat marbles over them... then magnets on the BACK. But I kinda didn't finish my thought from the looks of it. I did a big and small marble with his artwork. Then I'll do a small or big or maybe both of a paper of some sort for everyone.

AFM- Working on getting the O rings in the jenga blocks. Finally got the DH to get a drill out and put holes in them all but my hand is still sore. Oy. I love my family. I stand by the same thing I said last year. If anyone complains about their present I'm not getting them anything next year. :smileywink: Last year I made jam for the families, almond roca for everyone and shoulder heater packs for everyone in fabrics that fit them. :smileyvery-happy: It's much more rewarding feeling then going and buying them something off their list that's for sure.
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