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Alix: I didnt show til 28-30 I heard alot of flack from everyone who thought i should be bigger. I was 120lbs when i got pregnant... lol I felt huge early on.. but looked tiny all the way up til the last month and a half. Just like everyone has a ...rear end....everyone will have an opinion. :smileyhappy: Usually the tiredness improves during the second trimester, but you do tire easily. The fatigue does return 3rd trimester, along with easily tired feeling from doing simple tasks. it does progress to an even worse state after the baby is born, but you adjust. I never had help so I had to do it all on my own (DH works in the air most of the time harnessed into a truck doing electrical way I was letting him get up at night with her and getting up at 5am! NO WAY. besides that, he can't feed the baby if you are breastfeeding.. lol. ) I have friends who handed the babies off to their DH's or went to their parents house and left the baby then went home to sleep. I thought that terribly rude, especially if you are a SAHM, your DH works all day so YOU can stay home, and your parents should not be responsible for your child because YOU want to sleep. I was always tired, but you really do adjust.. in a odd sort of way thats hard to explain.

 I had my few evenings after being up so long that DH did have to take over because i'd be crying right along with Layla.. but those were few and far between. I have yet to go out alone, by myself, (that was NOT school related) since January.. lol However, I do believe my mindset of "I can do this by myself" is a huge help to me ..even though it does take a toll on one's body. it does help you prepare for those times when you wont be able to have help around because they are busy or sick.. help makes it easier, but its better that you can handle it on your own normally...than when help isnt there you arent feeling overwhlemed. I never had much help though. I also never followed the "sleep when they do" advice either..I always felt like I had to ultilize nap time to clean, take a breather, and relax...twice did i ever take a nap when she did!  You'll learn to be an expect "lack of sleep" zombie functioning mom. :smileyhappy: if i can do that and go to school and still have honors and deans list... you can do it :smileyhappy:


Happy Thanksgiving ladies, we are leaving early in the morning for Ocala. Stats will be joining me on the trip.

We bought layla a convertible car seat, which i hate already.. Its a alpha elite 65. I was buying some last minute needed items for our trip and couldnt get her unbuckled and had to ask for help..I felt like the worlds biggest idiot.. Be safe ladies!! :smileyhappy:

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