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Re: August 2013 Board

copying this for the ladies who will be moving here tomorrow in case they miss it




I did begin the august board already, so let me know test dates :smileywink:

Isra: welcome back! ((Hugs)).

Tara: Praying for your miracle baby this month :smileywink:



afm- doc called, culture was clear of anything as well. so no answers.  Idk if anyone has ever heard of young living essential oils, but they are the only therapuetic grade essential oils, meaning they are safe for ingestion as well. I had a little bottle of lavender, and began to use it twice a day in a sitz bath for 10-15 minutes. The burning has significantly been reduced. By like 98-99%. :smileyhappy: I also am using the aquaphor (chapstick for the hoo hoo!) but mostly relying on my lavender oil! Glad I thought of it!!

I did begin my chart, and temping (funny im using fertility friend, and I am using it to NOT concieve! lol) . looks like AF is packing up and leaving.. pretty short visit if you ask me. But definitely not complaining!!


how do i link my chart?

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