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Re: November board
Nicole- Awesome to see you as well! I know... another one. So exciting. A little shocked how quickly that came about. But it'll be good.

Tara- I would have to get someone else to stick me... no amount of pep talk would work I don't think.

Naomi- Congrats and welcome.

AFM- Having a tired grumpy kind of day. I blame the hormones because everything else seems just fine. Going to go shopping now that the store should be quiet. Gotta get stuff for Thanksgiving and just to have in general. As for the anxiety, I'm not sure yet. We'll see how it goes. I might see about seeing my old one once a month or something if I'm coping okay. The price would be the same and I wouldn't have to deal with the anxiety of getting to know another counselor. That is stressful for me. My insurance covered it but I quit working and hubbies doesn't. Very annoying. Last pregnancy I saw a different doctor first who just wanted to give me pills to "fix" my anxiety. It was a mess to say the least, gave me more anxiety then anything else. I did a lot of research and finally found the lady I was seeing. She does cognitive therapy which is what I learned would be best for me and the types of problems I have (catastrophic thinking). I've actually done REALLY well with dealing with it up until getting pregnant again, just those added hormones get me sometimes. :smileywink:
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