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Re: November board

Tara: When did you officially switch to Dr. S from Dr. B? You definitely made the right choice doing so. What stim meds are you on? How did it go yesterday starting them?


Amy: So awesome to see you too! I know, I can't believe that Nathan is getting close to 2! Congratulations on awaiting Baby #2 :smileyhappy: Wow 9 weeks! I'm sorry you were sick :smileysad: I'm sure the tiredness is leftovers from that and being PG just adds to it. I think you're doing all the right things coping with your anxiety. Will you be going to a new counselor now? Insurance stinks when they change coverage to providers :smileytongue:


Brie: HUGS to you too love! :smileyhappy:


Hello Naomi :smileyhappy: Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sorry about your cold, I hope you feel better soon, that's right rest as much as you can this week. Ooh, your next u/s is a week from today :smileyhappy:



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