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Re: November board
Tara- So glad you got switched doctors. How frustrating that people can keep doctoring who obviously shouldn't be anymore. I hate it when doctors are just in it for the money. :smileysad: So sad.

Nicole- SO awesome to see you. I can't believe your little one is already almost 5 months. WHERE does this time go? I don't get it at all.

AFM- Mostly recovered from my sickness. Just left over tiredness. Oh wait, that's probably just because I'm pregnant, I keep telling everyone I feel ick from being sick since I haven't told everyone I'm pregnant. Had a minor anxiety episode last night. I'm super bummed my previous counselor isn't in my insurance network, I hate looking for one and she was so helpful when I was pregnant with Nathan. I wish there was a way to get rid of the anxiety. I tried doing all the stuff that I learned and it helped some but obviously didn't make it go away. It makes me so frustrated because I KNOW in my head that what I'm stressing/dwelling on is irrational and yet I can't seem to not go there. And once I have one good bought of it... then I have to have anxiety about having anxiety. It's a horrible snowball. I'll maybe get out my relaxation CD I got when I was pregnant with Nathan to play at night time when I go to bed. Assuming I can find it. Otherwise things are going well. 9 weeks today... almost a quarter of the way done. That's something right? I sure do look forward to having a baby, not so much a fan of the whole being pregnant thing though. Totally worth it all in the end, but ugh while I'm in it. Okay I've rambled enough. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We're getting family pictures tomorrow so as soon as I get them back there is very likely to be a new picture on here. :smileywink:
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