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Re: November board

Nicole- I couldn't agree more. I'm so glad we made the change. I think Dr. B would've just kept doing the same thing over and over with no result. I finally had to get assertive with him and ask what his plan for us would be. I told him it wasn't financially feasible for us to keep repeating the same thing and have it not work. Only then did he really say that it would make sense for us to do IVF. I had started hearing from others that they felt he had a money making thing going on. Seemed stuck in the old ways of doing things and his IVF coordinator told us that he didn't put much stock into the labs during the IVF process. Basically, I started to question how responsible it would be for us to continue seeing him, Our new doc, Dr. S I think was a little suprised by the responses we had gotten from Dr. B when she asked if he had mentioned what he thought our problem TTC was about. Of course she was very discreet and professional, but as another healthcare professional I could tell she wasn't exactly on board with his treatment plan or basically telling us that we were "maybe just super unlucky". KMFC that it's one and done, too! So glad that you've popped in!