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Re: November board

Alexx- I'm sorry that's not what we were hoping for! Hopefully the increase in clomid would help, but the fact your cycle seems to have regulated is a good sign! Suprisingly, I always thought metformin was a current treatment for PCOS. Our RE said it's not anymore. Really it just causes people to deal with unpleasant SE's from the medication, but makes them feel proactive. Doesn't really seem to hurt anything though. She said that a lot of family practice docs and some OBs are still prescribing it though. I thought that was an interesting tidbit. Might encourage you to ask your doc about what the recent literature shows regarding metformin for the treatment of PCOS. 


Brie- Thanks! I hope that your biopsies come back okay and that you are back to feeling okay again. Glad you are getting things taken care of though. Wowzer, you sure sound like a busy bee for sure. Good luck on your tests and what not!


AFM- Big box of meds came in the mail today. Signed consents that were emailed. It's becoming all very reall now. We go in for our supression check in the morning!