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Re: November board
Tara- I wouldn't say the weekend went any better. Better for him I suppose. But I managed to get the bug and was sick last night. Thankfully the DH was able to stay home today and watch Nathan while I tried to get rest and feel better.

Alix- Safe travels. It's nice and cold here for your arrival. :smileysad:

AFM- As I said before. I managed to pick up the stomach bug, probably the same thing Nathan had. Not happy about that. Thankfully it's a relatively quick one, let's hope it stays that way. My stomach is so sore from cramping and such. Not fun at all. I called the doctors, they said just make sure I'm getting liquids in me, if I can't eat don't worry about it. Other then the whole being hungry thing. :smileysad: So I'm starving but eating makes me feel nauseous, but then I can't decide if it's nauseous because of being sick or because I'm pregnant. Getting a stomach bug when you already have a level of nausea is just fun.
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